The first historical document we have was founded in a Lombard document. According to these sources, as early as the eleventh century the princess Aloara, widow of the Prince of Capua Ironheads Pandolfo, distributed a “docked” with a piece of bread to the monks of San Lorenzo on the outskirts of Septimum to Aversa, where each component of the Chapter year we went in procession. According to others the mozzarella would have invented the monks themselves: while the cows were in the swampy valleys, monasteries were instead located on the heights; less weight to carry up the mountain, the milk was processed with a fast method directly on pastures, concentrating it in a dairy product, which was then transported to a convent. processing at the beginning of the 900 Processing at the beginning of the 900 Another theory, the inventors of mozzarella were the Normans, whose county-town where he still had Aversa, there are numerous dairies in which it produces and sells the typical Mozzarella Aversana. Use, processing and consumption of products derived from buffalo milk (the casicaballus the butyrus the recocta the provaturo), we have claims in documents dating from the twelfth century, preserved in the archives of Bishops of Capua. The first official document that speaks of mozzarella Aversa is recent and dates from the early fifteenth century. The nineties, the recognition of the “PDO” (Protected Designation of Origin) provides consumers and specifies the geographic area in which it is produced. Even today, the large size mozzarella mozzarellone aversane are defined as reported by the designation given by CNR.
Storia della mozzarella History of mozzarella


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