Visit Naples Italy Sfogliatella sweetness of Naples   The “sfogliatella” (pastry or curly) has an ancient and noble history dating back to the eighteenth century. At that time the kitchens of monasteries churning out delicacies of every kind, thanks to the able hands of nuns skilled in the art of pastry. Tradition has it that this delicious Neapolitan dessert was composed in a monastery, Santa Rosa, located in Conca dei Marini, a town close to Amalfi. One day, a “team” of nuns, by mistake, gavebirth to one of the delights that will remain in the heart of the city of Naples. Making this cake, since that fateful day, it was not easy, but the tenacious nuns did not give up.They stretched out in narrow strips several meters long and about one millimeter of thickness of the pasta just flour, water, salt and lard. Thereafter, the rolled up twice in tight rolls, which cutinto slices of an inch thick, after having folded pocket or as a funnel. The final touch was to fill them with a tablespoon of filling meal, cooked in boiling water, cheese, eggs, sugar,candied fruit pieces. After preparation, the nuns inserted the bundles of dough in the oven at high temperature, and allowed the same cuocessero it for fifteen minutes. Theresult was a group of blondes and crispy shells, dipped in powdered sugar, could beserved either hot or cold. Due to the huge success that they decided to call it puffcollected as the ancient monastery that had created them, Santa Rosa. Only with the change by cavalier Pintauro, now we can call “Sfogliatella” this delight.


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