An explosion of red, green and yellow, and a huge long crack running through the middle. It’s Naples. Around it blue, it seems that embraces the city, this beautiful stretch, like a frame. Overlooking from the balcony of San Martino has the city at your feet and feel that to reach for something you can touch. Perhaps the pinnacle of the New Jesus or the bell tower of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It can happen that we can tap the green roof of Santa Chiara or push a little ‘beyond the destruction of the Centro unwatchable. You can see the red of the Archaeological Museum and the elegant mansions stand beside them, or the bright yellow of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. With a little ‘imaginative mind takes us on tour of the streets, streets that look resemble twisted lines, you descend the steps of Pedamentina, it goes around the ring of square Sannazaro. Spaccanapoli is certainly the most picturesque view, seems a need for order, a polite way to divide a piece of the other cities at the foot of the mountain there is a neighborhood of Vomero Pignasecca, the narrow alley that leads to Via Rome, San Domenico Maggiore, San Gregorio Armeno, Via Duomo, up behind the Castel Capuano, at the central station. One can clearly see the colorful majolica dome of St. Peter Martyr behind the university, but most of all, as not to distinguish the beautiful Capodimonte or Angevin Castle, Maschio with fortifications towering and trachytic tuff. If we could lean out better than we would see a perfect quadrangle, and showing the scar on his side. There was a cannon ball, but a sliver of the ship. A piece of “Catherine Costa,” the ship blew up in ’43. Pizzofalcone lies behind Piazza Plebiscite, from up here that looks like a horseshoe or a giant open-air theater with huge natural fifth. Naples is all there. Or is all here, in a perfect plastic prepared to mail in favor of a passionate observer and demanding.


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