Via Foria and triumphant passage under the San Gennaro gate. In the fresco did not miss anyone: San Gennaro in foreground prayer, he prays and intercedes once again, Santa Rosalia and St. Francis Xavier are essential; The Virgin Mary, which ensures top, is the only illuminated. One group of colors in the dark plot node. The rest is put from him: the painter with his sword, Mattia Preti, fleeing Rome with blood on his hands and trying to get to Naples. Death pursues him, and suddenly before him. Naples is tormented by the plague, shocking, devastating, deadly. But the knight has no choice, beyond the walls around the guards, mingling in the chorus of the damned who fights without hope. Who was looking for and certainly did not give up as soon as he tried to draw him permanently his death sentence. A store was the talent. What fool would stain of the murder of a genius? The Tribunal of the Vicariate took on the burden to commute the death sentence in another sentence: ecclesiastical painting pictures of all the city gates. Between 1657 and 1659, the brushes are set to work. His works were hiding the inner tension of the duel, the surge, anger, violence. With equal intensity juggled the brush and the blade causing the victims themselves, and duels between viewers of his works. One more step: the controversial painting, dark and lively turns on doors in God’s mercy. His San Gennaro supplicant is still remarkably visible.Maybe things have not gone just like that. Perhaps literature has made fleeting boundaries of his biography, yet we can only imagine the excruciating sense of emotion that took people to the delivery of the works. The pain of grief and sufferings so infinitely vivid in memory. Naples was still seeking salvation and forgiveness. Seven paintings by seven gates, that of San Gennaro is the only survivor. Of the proofs are preserved at the Museo di Capodimonte. Notes, lines for detail, studies in which you can recognize the same subjects. From the sidewalk in front of the gate is great. In addition, in perspective, the buildings are glimpsed narrow, the narrow lanes, the crowd, people, that if it’s noon becomes a river. We are far away to hear, like a silent movie. For color the sound is not necessary.


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