Herculaneum the buried city

Most people are aware of the destruction of Pompeii that occurred on August 24, 79 A.D. The ruins of Pompeii are world famous. Each year thousands of visitors flock to Italy to vie[...]

Padula Charterhouse

Saint Lawrence’ Charterhouse, well-known as Padula Charterhouse (in Italian Certosa di Padula) is one of Italian and European most important monastic complexes; it’s an unquestiona[...]

San Gennaro gate

Via Foria and triumphant passage under the San Gennaro gate. In the fresco did not miss anyone: San Gennaro in foreground prayer, he prays and intercedes once again, Santa Rosalia [...]

Salerno St. Matthew Cathedral

The St. Matthew Cathedral founded by Roberto the Guiscard and consecrated by Pope Gregory VII, was officially opened in March 1084. During the centuries, it has been restored vario[...]

Salerno: Palatine Chapel

The Monumental Complex of San Pietro a Corte is the most important Longobard construction in Salerno. The monumental remains represent the main architectural emergences of Medieval[...]

Salerno the Minerva Garden

The Minerva Garden was the first botanical garden in Europe for cultivating plants for therapeutical use. Situated in the heart of the old town, close to the Fusandola stream and t[...]

Tower of Cetara

Visit Naples Italy la torre di Cetara E’ una torre di avvistamento ancora in ottime condizioni, che domina la spiaggia di Cetara. La torre di Cetara faceva parte di un geniale sist[...]

National Museum of Capodimonte

The National Museum of Capodimonte results from an extensive original core of works from the collection of the Farnese family, one of the most important families of the Italian Ren[...]