The real Neapolitan pizza

E’ nei vicoli di Napoli che nasce la pizza, per quanto di alimenti simili, ma con cotture diverse se ne trovi traccia dall’ egitto antico, in epoca longobarda, e nella Roma imperia[...]

History of mozzarella

The first historical document we have was founded in a Lombard document. According to these sources, as early as the eleventh century the princess Aloara, widow of the Prince of Ca[...]

Sfogliatella sweetness of Naples

Visit Naples Italy Sfogliatella sweetness of Naples   The “sfogliatella” (pastry or curly) has an ancient and noble history dating back to the eighteenth century. At that time the [...]

Mount Vesuvius

The “mountain of fire”, named Vesuvius, stands majestically with its 1281 m at the centerof the Gulf of Naples. Considered one of the most beautiful craters in the world, becameinf[...]

Vesuvius National Park

The Vesuvius National Park covers a surface area of around 13,500 hec­tares, it includes numerous villages and is one of the World Biosphere Reserves protected by UNESCO. Accordin[...]

San Martino Naples balcony

An explosion of red, green and yellow, and a huge long crack running through the middle. It’s Naples. Around it blue, it seems that embraces the city, this beautiful stretch, like [...]

Herculaneum the buried city

Most people are aware of the destruction of Pompeii that occurred on August 24, 79 A.D. The ruins of Pompeii are world famous. Each year thousands of visitors flock to Italy to vie[...]