Visit Capri

the most beautiful island in the world. Capri is a Mediterranean island of calcareous origin that has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals, artists and writers, all enthralled by its magical beauty. Many directors who have chosen it as a backdrop for their films and celebrities who crowded the tables of the famous square. Your Travel Assistant will pick you up at the hotel and together you will go to Naples for embarkation. The trip will last approximately 50 minutes by hydrofoil. Once in Capri you’ll reach the famous small square called Piazzetta, the nerve center of the life of the island, where you can enjoy fantastic views of the islands of the Gulf of Naples. Shortly after your Travel Assistant will show you the extraordinary Saint James Charterhouse, founded in 1371 by order of Queen Joanna I of Anjou and inhabited for centuries by the Carthusian monks. The church with its frescoes, its small cloister with the refectory and the big cloister with cells of the monks make this complex a very important witness to the history of Capri. After leaving the Charterhouse you will visit the Gardens of Augustus. Located in the upper part of the island, they are a refuge in a natural paradise, with unforgettable views. The tranquility and the natural beauty of the garden are nothing if not a therapy. Apart from the splendid sea views there are fantastic landscape photographs. After the visit you can have lunch in a traditional restaurant and spend a couple of hours having shopping in the glamorous shops and typical craft shops of Capri. Your Travel Assistant, if you will advise, will help you finding the best of them. In the afternoon return trip to Naples and return to the hotel.

Tour duration full day.

Tour will include:

  • Free pick up/drop off service in Hotel
  • Travel Assistant
  • Hydrofoil tickets
  • Augustus Gardens entrance ticket
  • Lunch in a traditional restaurant

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